Mind Medizin is an ecosystem of self-expression for pleasure lovers and kinky souls. A lifestyle for those who like to explore the dark and mysterious, the seductive and the shadowy.

An independent, sex-positive platform for music, art and fashion that welcomes anyone with an open mind. It is a place to connect these different creative disciplines with a rebellious sense of spirit, and it is curated by Berlin-based Canadian-Bangladeshi techno innovator Lady Tazz.

Mind Medizin encompasses all-inclusive parties that allow you to release your inner demons, free from judgement. They are somewhere to share a dance floor full of love and respect, to get as kinky as you like and be whoever you want to be in a fantasy world of erotic sights and sounds, but always with repect. Each party fuses the different aspects of Mind Medizin and explores new trends in music, art and fashion with a strong visual concept and immersive production. Most importantly of all, Mind Medizin parties are safe spaces where people can explore their sexuality and gender in a safe and welcoming space.

The label arm of Mind Medizin focuses on serving up techno trips that tap into your most personal inner desires. It’s about music that takes you to an unknown place but shows you the light, music for getting lost in and soundscapes that transport you to another dimension. Lady Tazz launched the label with a collaborative single called Serpent Kiss. Many more experimental sounds will follow with a mix of exciting emerging talents and long-established pioneers.

There will be various showcases a year and periodic residencies in unique locations around the world, sometimes in association with other like-minded collectives and record labels, but always featuring local acts, established international artists and red hot up and comers. The first one in Bogota was headlined by techno titans Radio Slave, DJ Hell and Lady Tazz and offered something truly fresh for late-night techno freaks. The future will see the Mind Medizin universe expand to include a fashion arm that brings together rebellious spirit, overt sexuality and tantalising style in all-new ways.

The pillars of Mind Medizin are to live free and kinky, to harmoniously coexist with similar souls and explore your inner desire, all with love. So, it’s time to leave hate at the door, step out of your comfort zone and open your mind as you enter the expressive and inclusive world of Mind Medizin.

And finally… always keep it kinky.